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Current version of EFDM includes functionality for compiling outputs such as standing volume and drain for classes based on “non-changing” variables. The volume-results show the volume before every simulation period, while the drain-results show the drain ¬under every simulation period. Classes can be defined by a single or combinations of the non-changing variables, for example, species, site index or species and site index. The users can specify what output should be compiled in the output file (see “outputrequests.txt” in the toy dataset). The following shows an example of the output request file:

volume by species
drain by siteclass

Odd rows specify the output item that should be compiled. Even rows specify the name of the file where the coefficients necessary for the calculation should be taken. In the toy dataset, there are only two coefficient files, “volume.txt” and “drain.txt”. The outputs are not limited to two items. There could be another pair of rows requesting, for example, “drain by species siteclass” (followed by “drain.txt” in the next row). The entries in the file must be separated by spaces. The outputs are written to files with corresponding names. Plots are also produced. This is done by the functions outputcalc(…) and efdmplot(…) in efdmoutput.r. The functions are activated internally during the model run.

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